He glanced over the desk which was in front of the policemen in the process. He spotted several documents which logged his location and screenshots of chat history

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After he arrived and went into a room which marked State Security. 'What did you say on the internet? You, just a civilian. Are you entitled to remark on state affairs?' the inner policemen yelled at him.

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Ding Yiduo received a call from the nearest police station. 'I was frightened. I turned off my cellphone fast and shook with fear,' He said. He contacted a friend who work as a policeman in hometown. He consulted the friend about the crisis. The friend advised him to go the police station and confess, or he may face the serious consequences. Meanwhile he got the sack

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He expressed sympathy for Hong Konger. 'You live overseas. Overthrow the corrupt, totalitarian regime by operations,' He said

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He crewed a ship since 2016. Because of his work, he had travelled to many countries. He established a WeChat group in 2017, had a lot contacts from US, Australia, HK and China

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’Frankly, China Communist Party is a terrorist organization.' Ding Yiduo said at interview. Nowadays it scares him to recall several episodes in China

Ding Yiduo was railroaded into writing a guarantee. China police forced him to have a physical. Ding Yiduo was confronted the sequence of threats from the police. He made a snap decision to get away from colonial rule from the totalitarian regime

I went to visit a friend. She was not present, unfortunately

My automobile was broken on the way. I had spent a lot of time repairing the auto. I kept the motor operating for 20 minutes. I didn't dare turn on air conditioner. I bother to fix the car

I met an acquaintance who I haven't seen in a long time, we paused for a moment, then I greeted him

A two-year-old infant was holding on to a massive butterfly-net. He stepped on the net, was tripped

My niece's face becomes darker. Her exposure to the sun is to blame. She was burned

You can often spot half naked men who go running in China

A 70-year-old woman was glad to tie a bunch of aluminum tubes together with a ribbon. She is a frequent amateur dustwoman

I had to raise a staff to slide blinds high

Two young girls were wheeling a truck. I thought they had been taking home leave, they would return home and have mid-autumn festival

On my way home, I heard an argument. After I approached, there was a married couple

China Communist Party had turned China into an enormous shithole

The military invasion of Japan in 1931 led to the rapid expansion of China Communist Party. The latter stole China. China is under occupation and colonial rule. The overwhelming majority of Chinese had been turning slaves

Neighbour's infant walked to the end of path, and proceeded to await his mother. His grandma told him the mother would leave work after 3 hours

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